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  1. Hello,
    When you say ‘Close the instant pot lid on sealing mode, MANUAL or PRESSURE COOK for 5 min. When the timer is done, hit CANCEL.’ , did you mean to hit ‘CANCEL’ as soon as the timer starts at 5 mins or after it finishes 5 mins? Apologize for my confusion 🙂 just learning to use the IP.

    1. Hi Madhuri, When 5 min timer is done, hit cancel. And immedietaely set SLOW COOK, LESS mode for 1 hour. Happy cooking 🙂

  2. Hi, thanks for such wonderful description. Already tried and satisfied like never before. Only one issue, cant feel a royal flavour, pls post a tip how to make a royal flavour.

    Also Now m going to make quite a large qty like for 20 members. Can this same recipe may be used with same ratio?

    1. Thanks Hemanta. kerwa water gives you that flavor in biryani, just add 1-2 drops. Cuurrent recipes yields 5 adult portions, increase the ratio accordingly.

  3. My Insta pot turns off when I turn on slow cook. Manual says the knob should be in venting position to use slow cook mode. Any thoughts?

  4. Hi, how much is 3/2 tsp? I would like to try it but have no idea how much that is. I feel dumb haha. Is that like 3 1/2 tsp?

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